This course helps Boomers discover and explore their strengths, values, passions, motivations and dreams in order to plan a new season of life filled with purpose and meaning.

  • This course is for you if you are ready to discover (or re-discover) your dreams and purpose in life.

    Are you entering a new phase of life when society is telling you to "retire"–sit back, relax, and enjoy some leisure? After all, you deserve it! Really? Maybe you are not certain you want to go quietly into the night and live without purpose and meaning. This course will help re-ignite your dreams and clarify your purpose in a new season of life.

  • This course is for you if you believe you still have something to offer to the world.

    You have abundant life experience, skills, and knowledge. You have passions and concerns. You are uniquely designed and gifted. Yes, you can continue to make an impact in your family, community and the world. This course will help you review your life story, clarify what's important to you, unveil the marvel of your God-given design--and discover your important role in the world.

  • This course is for you if you want to develop a next-stage-of-life plan.

    Many Boomers have developed well-honed financial plans for their retirement, but have failed to consider intentionally constructing a "life" plan. This course will not only help you understand who you are and where you've been but also where you are going. Who are you going to serve? What will be your legacy? What will be the purpose of the "rest of your life?"

  • This course is for you if you want to not just leave a legacy–you want to LIVE a legacy.

    The power of your legacy to the next generations depends on how you live out your calling. What are you meant to be and do in this season of life? Participating in the Re-Ignite process will educate, enlighten, and inspire you to focus on your calling--your legacy.


Dr. Richard and Leona Bergstrom

  • Richard and Leona Bergstrom

    Co-Directors, Re-Ignite

    Richard and Leona Bergstrom

    We are leading-edge Boomers. We love rock and roll, our grandchildren, travel, and our iPads and Kindles! We desire to make the most of the bonus years God is giving us, utilizing our life experiences, values, passions, and priorities. God wants us all to live lives that impact our world for Him. We have spent 40+ years in ministry, in the pastorate, as consultants, writers and speakers. We believe Boomers can make a great and significant impact in the world, and we are focusing our research and energy to encourage and guide our peers. We have led hundreds of people through the Re-Ignite experience in retreat and seminar settings. Now, we offer it to you as an online course to do in your own space and at your own pace. Discovering what you are called to do in a new season of life is exhilarating and fulfilling. It's an exciting journey. We know. We are on it! Won't you join us?

Re-Ignite Online

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  • What topics are discussed in this course?

    The Re-Ignite course leads you in a process to: 1. Review your life story. 2. Clarify your life purpose. 3. Define your core values. 4. Discover your unique design (personality, strengths, gifts). 5. Identify your passion. and 6. Develop a plan of action​.

  • Do you have to be a certain age to participate in this course?

    The materials presented in Re-Ignite are ageless. Adults of​ any age will benefit from the self-discovery and reflection prompted in the course. The concept of "Third Calling" is important for Boomers (now in their 50s to early 70s) to grasp as they consider what to do in a new season of life full of possibilities and opportunities.

  • What materials are provided?

    There are eight sessions, each one beginning with a short video presentation by one of the instructors. A downloadable worksheet is provided for each session which includes presentation notes and an assignment. If preferred, the worksheets can also be purchased separately in a workbook format. For further study, the Bergstroms recommend their book, Third Calling: What are you doing the rest of your life? It, along with an accompanying study guide, can be purchased on Amazon.

  • What can I expect to achieve by taking this course?

    Clarity. Inspiration. Encouragement.

  • How can I learn more about Re-Ignite?

    Please visit us at

  • Does Re-Ignite embrace a certain world view?

    Re-Ignite is based on Judaeo-Christian values and beliefs. The instructors are Christians and write from a Christian faith-based perspective.

What others have to say about Re-Ignite

Pastor Jerry, Alberta, Canada

Re-Ignite is a Must!

Pastor Jerry, Alberta, Canada

Many Boomers and post-Boomers are still struggling to find meaning, purpose and significance in life. Through wise counsel, gifted teaching and creative material, Richard and Leona Bergstrom skillfully lead students to new places of reflection and commitment to make the most of the rest of our lives. RE-IGNITE is a must for the many folks who are just waiting for that special boost to become who they truly were meant to be.
Theresa, Everett, Washington

It's Not About Retirement

Theresa, Everett, Washington

Since engaging with the Re-Ignite process, I have been hyper-focused on the choices I'm making with my time, my money, and who I let into my life. This season of reflection is not guilt-ridden but charged with excitement for what's ahead. Thank you, Richard and Leona, for introducing the idea that I can and must seek God's will for my Third Calling–and for sure, it's not about "retirement."
Richard P., Brisbane, Australia

Insightful and Excellent Material

Richard P., Brisbane, Australia

The Bergstroms lead students through insightful, interactive sessions providing excellent material designed to assist in re-discovering our purpose in Life’s 2nd Half. Their spiritual maturity, experience and gentle manner are a blessing to all.
Lori K., Edmonds, Washington

Re-Ignite: Tangible Tools and Support

Lori K., Edmonds, Washington

Re-ignite – a perfect name for an experience that gave me insight and tools to more confidently seek God’s purpose. Richard and Leona have helped me to more clearly see God’s moving in my life through the decades which opened my eyes to future possibilities. Years of ministry give a depth to the tools they use as they present relevant information with applicable examples, humor and insightful sensitive probing. In my case,​ the result has not been an immediate answer to my next step, but something better – tangible tools and support to pursue God’s best for me in this stage of life and live the journey step by step with faith, trust and joy. Thanks, Richard and Leona, for stepping out to pursue your dream and lead people to fulfill their potential!
Marshall Shelley, Denver Seminary

Life is Winding UP

Marshall Shelley, Denver Seminary

Just when you're tempted to​ think life is winding down, the Bergstroms rattle your world and convince you that it's winding UP. And you've got a whole new calling, something significant to do for the rest of your life.
Pastor Charles, Jacksonville, NC

Re-Ignite Helps Answer the Great Questions

Pastor Charles, Jacksonville, NC

If you have been struggling, frustrated, and stressed about your next steps in life, Re-Ignite is a must for you. Richard and Leona help answer the great questions we are all asking: "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" and "What am I to do with the rest of this wild and wonderful life?"